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Hard Money Purchase Loans are used for the purchase of residential or commercial property. Equity based lending is the basis of a hard money loan. Lending decisions are based on the merits of the deal...not the borrowers credit. If the deal makes sense, we will lend the money. If you are looking for a Purchase loan, Bridge loan or even a Construction loan for rehab, you came to the right place. We can close your loan with our private investors usually within 7-10 days.  As long as you have the equity up to 65% loan to value we have the money you need and can close your loan quick.


Property Types


  • Residential

  • Unique Properties

  • Mixed Use

  • Multi-Unit

  • Retail

  • Commercial

  • Short Sales

  • Office Buildings



  • 1st Mortgage loans

  • Foreclosure-BK-Notice of Default

  • Below 500... credit scores

  • Low Doc or No Doc loans

  • Max 60 LTV* 65% case by case*

  • Fixed Rate loans available

  • Minimum loan amount is 100k

  • Cash-out loans

  • No Pre-Payment Penalty available

  • No Seasoning required

  • Recent closed loan
  • Recent closed loan
  • Recent closed loan

Residential California hard money loans are typically given at a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 65% of the purchase price of a home or for a refinance - cash out up to 65% of the appraised value. This 35% of equity may seem like a lot of cushion for the lender but consider what position many convention lenders are in now! Most conventional lenders are out of business and we're seeing the big banks closing their doors. Hard money lenders always play it safe, that's why savvy lenders require at least 35% equity in your home. Many can cross-collateralize your CA properties if necessary to make your deal work. In other words you could max out one property up to 100% hard money financing if you have another property that can be secured for collateral!


There are few other qualifications for a hard money loan besides having that 35% "skin in the game" (skin in the game means having the 35 or more percent to put down on a purchase or at least 30% remaining equity in a home when refinancing.) Depending on the size and scope of your California deal you may be required to have a FICO score of 620+ but for most transactions most lenders still loan to anyone - even with bad or no credit!